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JJ Watt...T-1000

Source: Taylor Hill / Getty Images-Taylor Hill

Yesterday, the NFL followed the Houston Texans’ top defensive end with their Snapchat while he was shooing his new Bose’s commercial.
It great J.J. form, he gave us a good show with his nuttiness with J.J. doing just about everything including napping, eating and cutting up to the camera.

During his Snapchat time, J.J. says a variety of things like, “Ahh you again. How you doing, how you guy dong? Hope you’re having a great day.”
Then he says in another story  frame, “The second best words you can hear on a movie or commercial set is, ‘Let’s break for lunch.'”
He tells the camera, “That’s a wrap from part 1 of the Bose shoot, I’m off to film so more stuff, but uh I hope you have a great day, we’ll see you in guys in 59 days.”
Later in the NFL stories, we are shown some of the commercial when J.J. is lifting a set of dumbbells and then he says, “Fake weights.”
He tells us, “Fake sweat, fake working out… it’s harder then that.”
It doesn’t matter, fake weight’s or not, it was real work…
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