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American Magazine Media Conference - Day 2

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The other day Ellen surprised Kevin Vincent and Jerry Hall with a trip to the White House to meet our First Lady Michelle Obama.
The guys was were with their families so, the guys and their family members made the trip to show Mrs. Obama how to use her new SnapChat.
First, the guys showed Michelle how to use her vid by holding the button down then the filters.
The three do the flower halo filter and take that vid… and then they play Ellen’s 5 second rule game.
The guys asked Mrs. Obama advise since they’re graduating from high school and are college-bound.

Mrs. Obama encouraged them and to ask for help if they needed it and not to procrastinate and to attend every class. She also encourages them to eat their veggies too…
She did meet their moms and the guys got excited saying, “Oh, she’s over talking to my moms. She just gave my mom a hug!”

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