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Alicia Keys’ has had enough!
As an artist, she wants her shows to now be cellphone free zone.
This doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your phones with you, it just means that your phones are placed inside a Yondr pouches
The door guy tells the fan that their phones go into the pouch, it gets locked, but that they keep the pouch on them during the show.
Yes, it’s locked, but the locked pouches are simply unlocked by the staff… it’s easy, they “tap on it with a metal disc” and you’re phones are free once again.
There are a few VIP’s on a list that DJ Walton, one who helps managers Keys, hands the guy at the door.
“Like Queen Latifah,” says Walton.
The man at the door, Benji Spanier, has to inform the concert goers who are waiting in line that it’s a “phone-free event” explaining what this means of course.
It’s no surprise that the fan says, “What?”
Another fan, Kevin Schmidt, 37, says, “If you had told me you were going to put it in a locker, I’d have been p****d off. This is okay,”
FYI, Alicia Keys isn’t the only celebrity who has used a Yondr pouch for their show, no, other artist such as Dave Chappell, the Lumineers and Louis C.K and others have used it for a cellphone free show.
Wesley Schultz, the Lumineers singer and guitarist said, “I tried all sorts of things. If you yell at the audience or treat them like kids, they’re going to act like kids. You want to give people the responsibility and put the onus on them but how do you do that?”
The pouch is the artists best option.
He said, “Because people still feel they still have their baby in they arm. It’s like a little bit clunky but it’s better than telling them to leave their phones in their cars are forbidding it.”
We all saw Adell telling an audience member saying, “You can enjoy it in real life, rather than through your camera.”
The founder of the Yondr pouch, Graham Dugoni told a story about a drunk guy dancing around at a festival. He said, “He was pretty drunk and two strangers were videotaping the guy, and I watched them, over their shoulder, posting on YouTube. If a guy can’t go to a concert and just kind of let loose, what does that do to all interactions in social sphere?”
Comedian Hannibal Buress has even hired Yondr for a gig in 2015, especially after his show about Bill Cosby hit YouTube… something that annoyed him.
So, the founder says that now, the artists don’t have to worry about new material being leaked and the fans in the audience can actually enjoy the show instead of videoing, Snap Chatting, Tweeting or texting.
It’s no surprise that every fan entering the Alicia Keys’ show was accepting of the Yondr, one guys said, “In this day and age, my phone is how I keep my memory. Chris Brown. Jason Derulo. I have their footage on my phone. If you don’t want your music heard, then don’t perform it.”
Another fan, Andrea said that she wanted to video it to share with friends who couldn’t go.
So, DJ Walton said, “We don’t want the first time you ever hear a song to be some [lousy] mp3 somebody captured on their phone. We have a 30-foot stage and you’re looking at it through a four-inch iPhone. We want people to come and almost forget about their phones for a moment.”
Who do you agree with?
The fan that said, if you don’t want your music heard, why perform? Or the fan that said, “It’s annoying when people have their phones out, lights blaring.”

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