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In the wake of the Orlando  nightclub shooting, the community is pleading for citizens to come out and to please help by donating blood for the over 50 injured people.
Frustrations are running high in the Orlando’s LGBT community’s because the gay and/or bisexual men aren’t allowed to donate because of the strict FDA ‘s policy that still bans gay or bisexual men from donating blood.

Originally, the policy started in 1985, when the start of AIDS era started and there was a lack of knowledge back then.
In May 2015, the federal law was loosened and the FDA decided to allow gay or bisexual men to have the right to donate blood, but with a stipulation.
The new policy allows gay or bisexual men to donate only if they are abstaining from sex for a one year time span.
It really doesn’t matter if you’re in a committed married and/or in a monogamous relationship because the FDA bans committed gay couples too. As long as you aren’t abstaining from sex for a year then you’re not a blood donating candidate.
Last year, the New York Times wrote, “restrictions on donors were written when HIV testing was slower and less refined. Today, some tests can detect the virus in blood as little as nine days after infection.”
And in December 2015, the Reuters did an article regarding the 30-year overturn ban and they’re going to defended the 12-month waiting period.
The frustrations are understandable, but the community have taken to social media showing their frustrations and pleading for straight men to come out and to please donate for them.
Here are a few of those postings:

We must overturn the morally bankrupt/dangerous ban on gay people giving blood. Absurd someone can’t even donate blood to their own husband?

Brian Sims

on Sunday

HELP: To any straight people in Orlando reading this, authorities are asking for blood donations to help the victims of last night’s terror attack. Gay men are still banned from donating blood and WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please go to your nearest blood bank and donate for us!

Refusing to take a gay person’s blood even though you need it to save a gay person’s life is adding insult to injury. 

We live in a world where anyone can buy a gun and shoot up a club but an ENTIRE group of people can’t donate blood to help those shot. F***.