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D.Smith’s voice was heard loud and clear tonight!




onight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta pretty much focused on D.Smith and her ongoing battle with Tammy and her husband rapper Waka Flocka and Scrapp’s impending imprisonment with a sprinkle of Stevie J in it.. It was a perfect mix of drama, sadness and ratchedness that only Mona Scott-Young could mix together to make it work. So let’s break down what happened quickly on tonight’s episode.


For some strange reason Mimi is in full detective mode trying to figure out if her ex-husband does actually have two more children. After a fake intense moment between the former couple, Stevie J insists that Joseline is lying and that he only has five kids.

Poor Scrapp on the other hand has a lot to worry about. Not only is his baby mother Tommie out in those ATL streets supposedly giving up the goods to his uncle Stevie J, he is about to embark on what might be a lengthy prison sentence. We first catch up Scrapp as he is in the middle of photo-shoot with his son capturing some memories to leave him with. Scrapp decides to break the bad news to his son that he will be going away for a while in a very emotional moment.

Scrapp decides to spend his last moments with his three favorite guys in the world his son, nephew and brother SAS. Scapp prays to Allah one last time with his brother, nephew and son and dramatically decides to cut off his hair in preparation for his likely prison bid.

Before Scrapp walks into the courtroom he is surrounded by many family members and they send him off with a powerful prayer.

Last but not least we focus on D.Smith who made her presence felt on tonight’s episode. We all know about her feud with Tammy and Waka Flocka over comments Waka made about the Transgender community. In this episode Waka’s mom Deb makes a surprising move reaching out D.Smith to be on a panel about bullying. It seemed like a good idea being that D.Smith would be perfect as she endured bullying being a trans-gendered. Of course that meeting goes totally left when Deb feels that D.Smith isn’t gonna be able to participate in the fashion she would like.


Now things didn’t stop there, D.Smith met up with Ariane whom she will be working with musically, Mimi and Betty Idol. There she broke down what happened at her meeting with Deb about being on the panel. It’s there D.Smith had the internet’s talking when she did an impersonation of Deb with a very “unique” voice. Please peep the video below:

We literally was like:

Image (2) tumblr_m9nkf6wcxr1qkwbdeo1_500-1.gif for post 112951

She decides she is going to “attend” Deb’s panel and let her voice be heard. Deb’s panel is going off without a hitch as folks are sharing their stories about being bullied. In comes D.Smith and Deb just looking at her like:

Image (3) tumblr_inline_ncbxw5VqAg1qdgk52.gif for post 112954

D.Smith steps up to the podium and speaks out, it’s there all hell breaks loose again between her and Tammy. Watch the shouting match below:

Oh we can’t wait to see how they follow-up this episode in two weeks. BUT right now like we always do we like to share your hilarious reactions to the show. Hit the gallery below to see the best ones:

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