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Amir Diamond Photoshoot

Source: Amir Diamond Photoshoot / RunHou

I went against the bro code the other day… and I lowkey don’t regret it. Kirko Bangz’ barber has been telling me that I need to “Make Da Kutt” since last freekin’ year. Fly Katt Zack was very persistent with getting me in the chair so I finally fell for the trap. I gotta admit, I was hella nervous. I was in a cold sweat wondering whether Zack would make my line up look like it was sitting on 44’s.

I cheated on my barber, but I was one of the lucky ones. It doesn’t always turn out to be a success story. Before you even think about stepping out on your main barber, here’s 4 reasons why YOU should think twice about it:

1. There’s no coming back from a f***ed up hairline. Well, you can come back from it. But no telling how long it will take.

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