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Jmac's 1st Pitch

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It’s like Babe Ruth all over again…. in 1926, an sick young boy had asked The Babe to hit some homers during the World Series. He did just that, Babe hit three homers during that Game 4 against the Cardinals.
The young fan is currently battling a form of terminal cancer, but during their meeting, Dillon asked Altuve for some special things.

At first, Dillion said, “Hey, Jose, I hope you break his bat your first at-bat and you can give it to me.”
That’s easy thing to ask for because Altuve asked someone to go to the clubhouse to get a bat (whole) and he told him, “I don’t have to break bat to give to you.”
That was exciting, but Dillion still wanted something special to happen with his favorite player… as Altuve tells us, “He was like ‘Ok, now you’re going to hit a homer.’ I was like ‘Eh, I hit a homer yesterday, so don’t expect me to hit a homer today, but I don’t want to make you feel bad if I don’t.'”
“He was like, ‘Yes you’re going to make it. We’ll see.’ As soon as I hit the home run and I got to second base, I remembered what he said. I really like the kid. He was really happy to be here. I hope God blesses him for what he’s been through right now.”
That kid must have shined some good luck on Jose because he hit a 4-for-4 last night in a 6-3 loss against the Seattle Mariners, tying a career high with 4 hits.
His game even had the Mariners’ coach saying, “That little guy at second base is some kind of player. It’s not a good feeling when you see him walking to the plate.  You don’t know how to attack him.”
According the, Jose Altuve’s homer last night gave him a sixth leadoff shot of this season. That makes Altuve the first player since Brady Anderson who recorded six leadoff homers.
He finished it with saying, “Every single guy here would do the same, every single guy here would help people and make kids happy. I just did it like anybody here would do.”

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