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he wait is over Game of Thrones fans, we got the answer to the number one burning question we all had after last season of our favorite show. Ever since we saw fan favorite Jon Snow take what it seemed like a dozen knives to stomach we all wanted to know if indeed his watch officially

Now for those who have not read the books (such as myself) we were left pondering all of the ways if and how our favorite bastard would somehow come back. We speculated and pondered if the magic we have seen in previous episodes would help bring back Snow. Well in the second episode of season six, we got our answer very quickly and it was glorious. It almost felt like resurrection Sunday on the internet when the world saw this moment take place:

Melisandre you are the best! We knew you were capable of some good after all.


The instant reaction to Snow’s return was nothing but pure joy among fans of the HBO show. Of course we scoured the gram for the best memes that perfectly describe just how we felt seeing the Lord Commander return to life. Hit the gallery below to see the best ones and other Game of Thrones memes.

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