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Sugar Shane Mosley, the former three weight world champion has never been afraid to speak his mind…  his latest is a big O M G statement.
On Sunday, Mosley took to his Twitter to tell as he put it, “I have a story 2 tell u guys for Sunday Story time with Sugar Shane.”
The 50 tweet story started at 8:28 pm and ended at 8:59 and in his stories Mosley started talking about his baby mama and how he was an olympian qualifier. get a baby momma. With no manager other than pops & no big promoter helping me I had 2 hustle 2 get fights, worked at KMart& sold drugs

8:33 PM – 24 Apr 2016
And then he starts on his career and fights with:
I was approached by this slimy promoter, offered a million $$ under the table 2 lose 2 his guy. my biggest purse b4 that was like $50k so I was like a million $$ wow.

But I couldn’t lose I love the respect 2 much, but I had taken fight b4 he made the offer so I had 2 fight. I KOed the guy. Mistake.

After that I was getting death threats on some mafia type shit. People following me, had 2 throw them hands in a dark alley 1 night on some gangster ish. I still don’t know how I got out of that 1 cause I should have been dead bout three four times by now. So then this guy who I turned down 2work with me had it out 4 me so he set me up a few fights with the sole purpose of ending my career & I ended up taking L’s.

After those 4 loses every1 said “hang it up. Your washed up. U can’t win” but I keep proving people wrong & coming back 2 beat Vargas x2. Mayorga, Margarito, Cano. Cause I’m the comeback kid. Hate fuels me. Cause I like to prove people wrong.

He goes on and said that he was asked to throw fights and the repercussions for that decision.

23.I made a lot of enemies, that hurt my career. I wouldn’t throw fights, I couldn’t be bought, I have been set up, had crap slipped into my

8:43 PM – 24 Apr 2016

24.water or food before a fight 2 make me real sick which it did. I was sh**ting everywhere (& still won), been lied on, seriously set up on

8:44 PM – 24 Apr 2016

25. some Balco shit,money stolen, chicks conning me,side deals made & I never quit. I fucked up a lot of people money & the fans are the ones

8:44 PM – 24 Apr 2016

The Balco company was a San Francisco company that was investigated by the federal government in 2002 for providing a few professional athletics with Steroids. Even though Mosley admitted to using BALCO before the 2003 fight against De La Hoya, he later stated in an interview with ESPN in 2007, that he did not know what he was using.

Unknowingly, yes, some of the substances they are talking about, were being used as part of the workouts. I didn’t know what the hell it was… I had no intentions of trying to cheat or do anything crazy. My thing is live healthy, eat healthy. That’s how I live. I’m not afraid what people will think. I know the truth
When he ended his Twitter Mosley story saying, “This is my Sunday story. If you don’t like it get off my page. You should stupid to be on here reading and then hate. So let the fans enjoy.”
And then he said, “Disclaimer* the stories on my timeline are for entertainment only and should not be construed as facts… my attorneys said.”
It’s a funny time to tell a story considering that he’s fighting on May 28th against David Avanesyan for the WBA 147th lb title.
The fight takes place in Glendale, AZ.

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