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TMZ is reporting that 50 Cent and his lawyers have come up with a plan to pay back the the millions that he owes. The proposal that they submitted to the Judge says that he plans to pay $23 million dollars over a span of 5-years to only three of the creditors he owes money to.
According to this article that would mean he’s paying  $4.6 million a year or under $400,000 a month.
Who is he pay back?

– $17.3 million to Sleek Audio. He owes them $16 million after Sleek sue him in 2014 for “misappropriating trade secrets, breaching his fiduciary duty owed to Sleek, participating in a civil conspiracy, breaching his confidentiality agreement with Sleek, and being unjustly enriched.” He’s paying them an extra $1.3 million.

– $6 million to Lastonia Leviston. She’s the woman whose sex tape 50 Cent leaked online without her consent. Well, that cost him $5 million plus $2 million in damages, but she has settled on $6 million.

– $4.9 million to SunTrust Bank. And there’s no telling why he owes them that much, but he owes them.

Yeah, and keep in mind that 50 Cent is only paying THREE out of 20 creditors; he still owes 17 other creditors money too.
The total amount that he owes these three comes to $28.2 million and that’s $5.2 million MORE than what he’s paying back.
So someone is getting shortchanged somewhere.
The listing of all 20 creditors that 50 Cent owes as listed on the Hartford Courant:

Sleek Audio LLC, Bradenton, Fla, arbitration award, $18.4 million.

•Lastonia Leviston, New York, N.Y., jury award, $5 million.

•Suntrust Bank, Baltimore, guaranty, $3.8 million.

•Reed Smith, Los Angeles, legal services, $568,304.

•Robins Kaplan LLP, Minneapolis, legal services, $172,178.50

•Garvey Schubert Barer, New York, legal services, $143,294.

•Bentley Financial Services, Chicago, automobile lease, $137,880.

•American Express, Newark, N.J., credit card, $64,909.

•G. Collins & Co. LLC, New York, accounting services, $50,600.

•Premium Assignment Corp., Tallahassee, Fla, unsecured claim, $26,632.

•Dorothy DeJesus, court judgment, $25,000.

•Candace Scott, court judgment, $25,000.

•539 38th Street LLC, Hackensack, N.J., lease, $12,000.

•Stephen J. Savva, New York, expense reimbursement, $6,217.

•Eversource, Dallas, Texas, utilities for Farmington home, $5,649.

•Erin McSherry, New York, nature of claim not listed, $5,245.

•Moritt Hock & Hamroff, Garden City, N.Y., legal services, $3,500.

•Feldman and Hickey LLC, Farmington, legal fees, $2,116.

•Curtis J. Jackson Sr., Valley Stream, N.Y., expense reimbursement, $1,737.

•8×10 Boutique, Miami, merchandise, $400.