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You read that right, meet Dorothy Stein, the woman who makes her living as a professional masseuse who uses a few S&M techniques.
Dorothy is a 48-year old mom of two we’re finding out that she has or had a list of celeb clients over her years who like her specialties that she’s known for…
What’s that you ask?
Well, that would be biting and hair pulling to name a couple.

The NJ girl is spelling the beans on some of A-list clients in this interview and not only that, she’s developed her own massage oils and she’s releasing a memoir called, “Before I forget.”
That’s no shocker, but to know who likes what might be.
She’s telling us, “Steven Tyler says, ‘Bite me, spit on me, pull my hair!'” She also said that she perfected the lip massage technique with Mick Jaggar, but that Steven Tyler likes it too.
She said, “It helps with singing. It loosens the whole mouth area.”
She says that her biting technique began when she was a little girl… “My mother was always asking me to massage her and my hands were too little to be effective, so I started using my mouth. The jaw actually has some of the strongest muscles in the body, so I can get my teeth in and really realize the knots.”
Dorothy also says that she would pull her mother’s hair too, saying it helps release tension in the scalp.
Dorothy knew that she wanted to be a masseuse for the rockers, early on, massages instead of being a groupie jumping into everyones beds.
She says, “Instead of going to groupie route, I decided to provide a real service other than sex. I said I wanted to go on tour and would massage everyone for free. I also sent my picture — and I was smoking hot!”
She got lucky too because in 1985, when she was only 27 years old, Dorothy got her big break when she was invited to go to Live Aid by the Rolling Stones road manager.
Also got to network on that tour and meet Jimmy Page, Jack Nicholson, Bob Dylan, Cher and Jeff Bridges.
It didn’t end there because over the years, Dorothy says that she’s had other A-list clients such as; Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Simon Cowell and Kanye West.
She admitted that not everyone enjoys the biting and she said, “When I bit Jimmy Fallon, he started screaming.”
And the wives, girlfriends or fiancees aren’t so happy with her biting either, but she does have female clients though.
To name a couple, she reports that Mariah Carey and punk rocker Courtney Love. And she does say that she and Courtney sat around doing girl talk too.
Dorothy’s fees ranges from $150-$400 and the clients will range from celebs to housewives, but she makes house calls so that works on every level.
I think you can call the biting a fetus, since she said that for her next gig she’s excited about.
“I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into Harry Connick Jr.’s tour!”
Who would pay for this?

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