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That’s right, in 2012, a Swiss start-up developed a “Keurig-like” machine that makes tortillas just by using a pod.
The concept is a combo of the tortillas you buy at HEB and how you make coffee or tea in a Keurig machine.
Yeah, you insert the fresh dough pod and bam, a cooked flour tortilla slides out in seconds!
In this interview with the Flatev CMO, Sandy Meyer, talks about the Flatev CEO & Founder, Carlos Ruiz and how the concept was developed “unexpectedly” by a couple of Mexican brothers.

These brother decided to travel and explore the world, but during their explorations they realized that something was missing, their taste of home. They wanted to make the tortillas like they would make them from home and the concept was developed.
Sandy says that they “emphasizes” on using NON-GMO, no artificial coloring or flavors for the dough.
The good thing is that the pods have a 60-day “shelf life” they come in organic, they consists of: corn flour, water, salt, and guar flour. Their wheat tortilla pods have organic wheat flour, water, salt, etc…
It takes about 60-90 seconds to make depending on how crispy you want them.
The U.S. launch date is the summer of 2017… who’s down for a Tortilla making machine?

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