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The question is, have you seen the news showing people stealing packages from stranger’s doorsteps?
Or better another question, have you ever had your packages stolen off of your doorstep before?
No matter which one you answered yes to, there is a Settle area entrepreneur named Mike Graham who launched his latest invention called Package Guard.
Mike and his wife also have a nonprofit called Survive the Streets that “Help a Homeless Person Stay Save and Warm This Winter.”

In 2014, Mike had an order of coats being delivered when he said, “Then we realized it got stolen from our front porch. We had to file a claim with the vendor and re-order the coats. It definitely cost somebody some money, though luckily that time it wasn’t us. I thought, ‘There’s a got to be a way to protect these packages somewhere.’ But there wasn’t. So that’s how this all got started.”
With that, Mike started his invention on Kickstarter campaign for his Package Guard that is the size of a frisbee and Wi-Fi enabled. The package guard sits at your door for your packages to be delivered and they are to place the package on the “Place Package here” part.
The device is set up to sound an alarm the second someone removes your package and the Wi-Fi will send your phone an alert at the same time.
Mike says, “The product is really simple. It sits on your doorstep and when UPS or Amazon or FedEx puts a package down on top of it, it lets you and your neighbors know with e-mail and text alerts that you’ve gotten a delivery. If someone tries to take a package, they get scared off because the package cover the drive, so they don’t know it’s alarmed. Also, it’s pretty loud.”
The customers can pick their package up and then text or e-mail to a Package Guard message with the word “off” to disable the alarm.
The customers can also have their friends, family or neighbors pick their package up by adding them to Package Guard’s alert mailing list and they just follow turn it off the same way you would.

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