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pasta with meatballs and parsley with tomato sauce

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The latest food mashups, hybrid creation is a Sushi-Burrito.
Many stories are hitting the web from other states, but the burrito rolls are filled of rice, protein and veggies… just like any small sushi roll is.

Sure it sounds different, but who doesn’t like a good new creation?
At Burrito San in Miami, you can get your burrito SUSHI roll made with white or brown rice rolled/wrapped in seaweed just like the sushi.

They have a wide variety of burrito rolls, they have a Korean roll, Filipino Roll (breakfast burrito), a Buddha and a Marsala chicken burrito.
Do you enjoy your sushi so much that you would give a Sushi-Burrito a try?
If you find a sushi-burrito then let me know so I can go try it too! Or if you locate some Asian Nachos too… Who doesn’t enjoy a good nacho plate?