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Flint Mother Blames Lead Contaminated Water For Her Miscarriage

While in her second trimester, miscarried her second child. She was carrying the twins and the first had died after five weeks. She thought the second fetus would be her “miracle baby” until she eventually lost it. According to Wakes, who has only recently moved to Flint, MI in June 2014, when she returned from the hospital following her loss, she was first notified that pregnant women and people over 55 shouldn’t drink Flint’s tap water. Wakes two older children ages 7 and 16 have tested positive for lead in their blood. Health and behavior effects have been associated with lead poisoning and Wakes believes the 56 suspensions that her son has received in the past year may be attributed to the water. Despite the staff for Flint’s governor Rick Synder exchanging a series of emails about the dangers of using water from the Flint River, the hazards were disregarded for over a year until social media helped the situation to make national headlines. Synder has since apologized by Wakes says that’s far from enough. “I really feel like they should be incarcerated,” she said. “I think they should be put in jail. Everybody. The governor and all the elected officials who knew about this” she said. CNN 

Prison Supervisor Arrested For Bribing Inmates

Marco Simmons was a prison supervisor at the work release center Liberty Hall. He was assigned to overseeing inmates from the Indiana Department of Corrections that were apart of the program. Following a sting operation where an undercover cover officer posed as an inmate and convinced Simmons to smuggle Oxycontin pills into the facility in exchange for money, the supervisor has since been arrested. More severely than his charges of bribery and trafficking, Simmons was also booked for sexual misconduct after several inmates admitted to having sex with Simmons when he was supposed to be monitoring them at their job assignments. Allegedly, in exchange for sex, Simmons would agree to provide the inmates with cell phones and drug users urine samples were deemed clean. Reportedly, he also changed log in and log out times for he and the prisoners so he could spend more time  engaging in sexual activities.  Because Simmons had legal authority over the women county prosecutor Terry Curry said, “That sex is criminal whether it was consensual or not. It is unfortunate and inappropriate that someone would engage in that conduct, but the ultimate takeaway is that when it came to light authorities took appropriate steps.” The prison has since ended their contract with Liberty Hall. The suspect is due back in court for an initial hearing early next week. FOX 59

Starbucks Loyalty Card Leads To Pedophile’s Arrest 

When an 85-year-old man left his cell phone in Starbucks, employees were shocked at what they found. In opening the phone in efforts to find contact information, workers found pornographic photos and images of children. The police were immediately contacted and employees were not only able to identify Carl Alfred Iverson because he was a loyal customer, Iverson also had a rewards card at the coffee shop and his full name was on file. Iverson was already on probation after pleading guilty to child exploitation in April 2015. He was caught attempting to solicit a 14-year-old for sex but the minor was actually an undercover officer. While he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, he only served 30 days. For his most recent arrest,Iverson was sentenced to 20 years in prison, however he will only serve 7 years and the remaining time will be on probation. AJC

Homeless Man Lands A Job After Passing Out Resumes 

For two years, Frederick Callison has been homeless but he refuses to beg for money. He initially moved to Sacramento, CA expecting to be a cook at the Salvation Army but when that opportunity fell through, he was out of work with no place to live. In exchange for pushing carts at the grocery store, Smart & Final, Callison is allowed to loiter outside of the store with his sign, “Need Work & Food” as patrons walk pass, he hands them his resume. A local business occasionally allows the 52-year-old to use their office supplies. Callison’s resume details his restaurant experience and includes his personal mission, ”I am firm believer in proactive productivity rather than reactive.” While shopping at Smart & Final, Michael Marteen was a recipient of Callison’s resume, he was impressed with his drive and he posted the homeless man’s story on Facebook. The post was shared nearly a thousand times resulting in Callison being offered a job as a cook at a restaurant called Pizza Rock.”He was ecstatic about landing a job and very grateful for the opportunity,” Marteen said. “He was up the night before studying the menu for hours” said Marteen of his new friend’s new position. CBS


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