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Close up of a rabbit

Source: George Doyle & Ciaran Griffin / Getty

This little baby bunny has been rightfully named “Wheelz.”
Wheelz was found by Jason and Sonja Ambrosino in Amsterdam, New York on the Overlook Acres farm right after a bad cold spell had hit the area.
As Jason explains that when the couple found the bunny, he said, “one of the dominant female rabbits appeared to pulling babies out of their nest boxes,” which was bad action at the time considering considering the cold temps.

The temps would have made it difficult for the baby bunnies to survive and that was what they saw when they saw Wheelz… a bunny that was possibly not alive.
Josh says, “When we first saw him curled up, we thought he may have been dead, but then we saw his nose twitch. My wife brought him to me, and I held him close to warm him up and breathed hot air on him. Slowly but surely, he began to get more animated.”
Once the Ambrosino’s and their friends who work on their farm all nursed the bunny back to health, they realized that Wheelz was paralyzed.
He had an apparent bite to his back, his spinal area and he was not able to move his hind legs.
Josh came up with a creative idea for Wheelz to move around, he went to the dollar store and bought a few toys that he turned into a mini skateboard for Wheelz to use as hind legs.
And that’s exactly what Wheelz does now, he rolls around just enjoying everything on this little skateboard.
And if that wasn’t enough, the family wants to write a children’s book with a little of inspiration in it about, “Wheelz- the Bunny that wouldn’t give up!”
Tell us, isn’t he the cutest thing?