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Damn Daniels

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The two Riverside, Cali teenagers who have become an overnight social media sensation, Josh and Daniel appeared on Ellen to discuss where the idea originated from.
Both of the guys are still in high school, the star is Daniel and he is a 14-year old freshman and the voice behind the camera is Josh is 15-years old and is a sophomore classmate of Daniel’s.

After playing one of their vids, Ellen said, it, “Damn Daniel, Damn Josh! Ok, so this is crazy, over 45 million views and I was watching the audience watch that and it’s interesting the people who seen it before and some are going ‘what’s happening.'”
Ellen asked Josh how did this start? He said, said, “It was out of nowhere. I came up to Daniel after school and I was going to put it on my SnapChat story. I was like ‘Damn Daniel’ and everyone started to love it…”
Daniel said, “The first time he came up to me, I was like ‘what is the guy doing’ got SnapChats back saying, ‘Yo! this is funny keep it going.’ And we started taking them on a daily basis.”
Daniel starts talking about how they knew that it was getting big because now he’s getting recognized when he goes out places.
One time he decided to test it out and went to the mall and bam, he was recognized and taking pictures with people.
On another day, Daniel said he had a swim meet for school and he was rushed by some girls for pics. He FaceTimed Josh and told him to do the voice and when he all you could hear was girls screaming.
Beware of scams, someone even posted a pair of lace up Vans on Ebay for auction and they weren’t even Daniel’s real Van shoes, they were just random and for over 300k.
So Ellen gave Josh a nice surfboard, one of his passions and Daniel received a life time of Vans shoes.
Unfortunately, their “fame” is getting other recognition for their “Damn, Daniel” vids because the voice, Josh, was SWATTED.
Apparently someone called in a homicide to his family’s house and the cops busted in thinking a crime had just taken place.
It didn’t take much for the cops to realize that it was a hoax on Josh and the officers.