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Everyone is having a moment on Twitter this week. Joining the party is Chris Brown, who had quite a lot to say about the Grammys and the controversial casting for a Michael Jackson biopic.

The crooner jumped on social media saying, “#GRAMMY? This is probably the main reason I love being free to create any kind of music I want. Too many people kiss ass and work less.”

While we’re not sure where the upset came from all of a sudden –seeing how the nominations were announced weeks ago– we do see why he’s upset. Brown has one nomination for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for “Only,” Nicki Minaj’s song featuring Brown, Drake, and Lil Wayne. But during 2015’s nomination period, he collaborated on hit songs with mega artists like Big Sean, Rita Ora, Tyga and DJ Khaled.

“If u turn on ya radio right now I promise within the hour you will hear Chris Brown on damn near half the songs or I’ve co-written. The awards used to mean something. Now it’s about likes, and memes,” Brown added in another tweet that has since been removed.

“I’m thankful to my fans, I am able to be the best artist I can without having to conform to the ways of my peers. I also need my commission.”

Just as soon as he finished his Grammy rant, he went in on the casting of Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson for a British TV production about a post 9/11 road trip Jackson took with Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando. The news enthralled Brown in addition to other fans of the late entertainer, who was clear about never wanting to be portrayed by a white man.

“I DONT SUPPORT THAT CORNY ASS SH**!” Brown noted about the casting decision.

“That is so stupid,” Jackson said in a 1993 interview with Oprah Winfrey about a white child actor playing him in a Pepsi commercial. “That’s the most ridiculous, horrifying story I’ve ever heard. It’s crazy… Why would I want a white child to play me? I’m a black American. I’m proud to be a black American. I am proud of my race. I am proud of who I am.”

So really… Chris Brown did have a couple of things to be legitimately mad about.


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