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African Couple Wedding

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I can imagine how difficult it would be to celebrate your special day if you have lost a friend or perhaps a very close loved.
There are twelve sentimental ways for you to include them into your day of celebration… you might want to consider to do as your something old.
1. Set up a photo display with a special message at the reception
    You can set-up a photo display of your lost loved one perhaps in a frame with that special written message to the loved one who could not attend.
2. Wrap the bouquets in ties he once wore
    You wrap the bridesmaids bouquets with pieces of an article of clothing… ties, scarf or anything else decorative.
3. Sew a cherished photo of that person into your wedding gown
…Or a handwritten note that you’ve held onto

You can sew the picture on the inside of your wedding gown for memories. There other option is maybe sewing something wonderful that they wrote to you in the past, that would be extra special too.
4. Cut a piece out of a man’s dress shirt and make it your ‘something blue’
You have that choice to sew it on the inside of your gown or on the outside, but sew an article of their clothing into that shape of a heart.
5. Hang tiny picture frame charms from your bridal bouquet
…Or choose a single photo

You can do the charm bracelet look of their pictures or if that doesn’t work for you, you can have one single photo instead.
6. Create a simple bracelet using a loved one’s wedding band
Making your own bracelet using their wedding band is sentimental too and adds to your dress’ look
7. Carry a family heirloom, like this prayer book, with you down the aisle
A prayer book is a nice thought, something that maybe your grandmother or a parent had as child
8. Wipe your happy tears with a loved one’s handkerchief
Using their handkerchief for your own usages is special
9. Make a charitable donation in that person’s name, in lieu of a wedding favor
…It’s more meaningful than any small favor you could give
This idea gives others attending a way to celebrate with the late loved one too.
10. Wear a loved one’s wedding ring in addition to your own
It’s an idea for you to hold them close to you
11. Reserve a seat for someone who couldn’t be there with a single flower
…Or save a place for them with one of their prized possessions

This works well for fallen soldiers
12. Hold a framed photo of that person during the ceremony
As if they were right there with you

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