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In 2012, the Department of Labor filed a lawsuit against a Pennsylvania company who publishes business newsletters for not paying their employees for short breaks.
The workers included in this scandal are the people who worked at the company’s Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio offices sent out a memo to their workers in July 2009, telling their employees that they could take as many breaks as they wanted, but they had to clock out for those breaks. The breaks didn’t just include that normal 15 minutes, it also included restroom breaks as well.
Luckily, a federal judge gave the U.S. Dept. of Labor and the Malvern-based company, American Future Systems, Inc., until Thursday to submit their proposals on how they will manage their payment of $1.75 million to six-thousands of the effected employees.
“No worker should have to face the choice: Do I take a bathroom break, or do I get paid?” said Adam Welsh, attorney at the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s Philadelphia office.
They said that the law doesn’t require businesses to ensure breaks to their workers, but the company offers a break than they have to pay them for the breaks.

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