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A photo posted by JmacGlobal (@jmacglobal) on Nov 6, 2015 at 8:52pm PST


It’s been a long day and the night is just getting started! I’m going to let ya’ll keep the club going tonight though! So remember to hydrate since I won’t be there to buy the water. I think I’m going to read “Becoming Beyonce,” to make sure me and my father-in-law don’t have to have a talk with the author. They say this is the uncensored story of how a young girl from Houston with big dreams became the world’s greatest diva. You know Mac is going to have to check it to see if they got his baby’s story right! Stay tight, keep right and try to have fun with out J in the club tonight! I will be back soon. Peace, love and hair grease Houston!

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