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Mother kissing sleeping infant

Source: Jupiterimages / Getty

I came across an Instagram post this weekend and a guy posted a picture of a father that kissed his son (preteen) on the lips.

Herein lies my contemplation, I come from a family that, well,  physical affection was never part of the program.  By the way, I can’t say if that was bad or not, I’m sure most people will say bad.  Although, I will admit that over the last few years, you won’t get off the phone with my little Sister until you say, “I Love You.” Ugh.  But anyway…

When I seen this man seemingly to kiss his baby son (pre-teen) on the lips, honestly, I didn’t know what to think.

Which brings me to the question, “Should a Father kiss his Son?”

I have two little girls in my life now and I know they need hugs and forehead and cheek kisses…something about mouth to mouth kisses thought seems, well in the words of my oldest…Ughhhhhhhhh, nasty!

I’m still in the middle.  You say what?