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For the second time, “El Chapo” has made an escape from Mexican authorities– but sustained injuries doing so.

According to CNN, Mexican officials released a statement claiming Joaquín Guzmán, known popularly as “El Chapo” was infiltrated near a ranch in the Sierra Madre mountains of western Mexico. The operation from the authorities was thwarted by the kingpin, who quickly escaped.

While getting away, the National Security Cabinet says Chapo injured his face and his leg.

Authorities stressed the kingpin’s injuries weren’t a result of direct confrontation with him.

U.S drug agents assisted Mexican Marines in the planned invasion after successfully intercepting the phone calls of El Chapo’s associates.

NBC News describes the missed invasion, straight out of an episode of Narcos.

Marines raided the ranch in helicopters, but were forced to turn back after taking fire from suspected Guzman security forces. The Marines later entered the camp on foot and discovered cell phones, medication and two-way radios, but Guzman and his accomplices are believed to have fled on ATVs.

In September, El Chapo duped authorities during a car crash in Macuspana, Tabasco. After taking refuge in a local hospital, he escaped minutes before the police arrived. Staff members even denied his presence at the hospital.

The Sinaloa cartel kingpin made his second prison escape over the summer through a tunnel made in his prison cell. New security footage revealed a guard helped him escape by pushing him down the tunnel.

So far, 20 officials and the former director of Altiplano prison have been arrested in ties to his escape.


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