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The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Defensive End, Cameron Heyward, was recently fined $5,787 after he wore eye black with the words, “IronHead” on them during their Monday Night Football game against the Chargers.
Cameron’s father was Craig William, “Ironed” Hayward, Craig was 39 when he passed away of a malignant bone cancer that was at the base of his skull. Craig went into remission after a partial removal of the cancer was done alone with a 40 rounds of radiation treatments too.
It was in 2005 when his tumor came back and 2006 when he lost his battle.

Cameron’s father Craig, was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the first round, 24th pick overall in the 1988 NFL Draft and played for a few teams over his 11 year career as a Fullback.
Since October is “Breast Cancer Awareness” Month, Cameron figured it wasn’t a bad time to show his father some respect by adding his name to his eye black… he even said it himself in an after practice interview, Cameron said, “To lose a person like that due to cancer, for cancer awareness, I don’t think it should be a big deal at all.”
The NFL doesn’t bend on their uniform policies and that’s been made clear with the news during Monday Night football that DeAngleo Williams’ request to wear pink outside of October’s awareness month was denied by the NFL. Williams, who’s mom died in 2014 and his mom’s four sisters passed away years before her, all of breast cancer wanted to show support for them all season long with wearing pink accessories.
Cameron said, “There are a lot of other things we could be worried about. Guys want to do right by the league. They don’t wan tot upset anybody. I do it to honor somebody, DeAngelo does it to honor somebody, it shouldn’t be take to offense by anybody. We’re not trying to gain publicity bit it. We grew up in this game loving it. To be a part of it is a blessing, but I want to honor [my dad].”
The crazy thing is, this isn’t the first time Cameron has worn eye black that read “Ironhead” during a game before too.

Got fined for honoring my Dad who bravely fought cancer on my eye black. #Nevergiveup #CancerSucks

What do you think, should the NFL have these policies in place for something like awareness for cancer?

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