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The music business has a long withstanding history of cheating artists out of money (cue TLC, Toni Braxton and allegedly any artist signed to Bad Boy Records…to name a few)

Oftentimes, the legal shade is going on behind the scenes and we don’t know the details until a Lifetime biopic later but in the case of Lil Wayne and Birdman, we’re seeing everything as it happens.

Wayne has referred to Birdman as his “daddy” nearly his entire life but his label, Young Money Records is in the midst of a heated lawsuit with Birdman’s Cash Money Records. Earlier this year, Wayne filed a $51 million lawsuit which claims that even after repeated request, he was never privy to his financial statements so he’s unaware of how much money he’s actually made over the course of his tenure at the label.

According to The YBF, Wayne says he never received $10 million for recording The Carter V and he also has yet to see 1/3 of profits from Drake’s solo recordings.

Now the labels most prized artists are supposedly speaking up and confirming Wayne’s accusations. According to TMZ, Nicki Minaj and Drake have submitted documents stating Cash Money hasn’t paid producers that they’ve worked with.

Nicki has several films and a TV show in production, we wonder if her label contract includes Birdman getting a percentage of her other deals too?

Sometimes doing business with “family” can get chaotic. Read the extent of the mess below!

via TMZ:

Young Money claims it was supposed to get $100 million advance from Universal (but that check went to Cash Money) and they NEVER saw any of it!

In response, Cash Money claims they gave Wayne a $20 million advance for Young Money in 2012, another $12 million for Weezy’s solo album and another $70 million in advances, royalties, marketing and recording costs for various Young Money artists. Are you keeping up? Cash Money claims they don’t owe him -ish and Drake, Tyga and Nicki should have their monies by now.

And in true record company fashion….Cash Money say Wayne OWES them. The label claims that Wayne and his artists were supposed to deliver 21 albums over 7 years, but only made 13. It’s a hot mess all around……but shoutout to Cash Money’s legal team. They fixed it up and made a case for Wayne being in debt to the label. Clever.


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