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Source: ATHIF KHAN / Contributor / Getty

Last week the Clemson football program announced that its players would be banned from social media during the 2015 season.

According to Jimbo Fisher has been doing this for years. It started after the loss to Wake Forest in 2011, when angry Twitterers (the word “tweeters” should be banned from existence) said some ugly things to players like E.J. Manuel and Greg Reid.  The Seminoles were allowed back on after the season, but a series of unfortunate (read: dumb) tweets the following summer led Fisher to shut it down before the 2012 season started. And since then it’s been an annual tradition, with the FSU players logging off social media once fall camp begins. And not logging back on until the season is over.

So far it has being working just fine for Coach Fisher.  His team has gone 46-4 since the social-media ban began.  Which brings us to our next question.  Parents should you make your kids get off social media during the school year?  Let us know by voting on our poll below!

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