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Source: Boston Globe / Getty

The maker of the Oreo cookie has made a new version of their cookie in a slimmer cookie for a more “sophisticated” style cookie.
The new “Oreo Thin” cookie has been made to be about 34 percent few calories than what the original Oreo cookie contains.
So, if you’re eating the Oreo Thins, the nutritional facts say that eating four thins will be 40 calories whereas eating the original Oreos, three of them are 160 calories.
This might make the new thins a little harder to twist and be dunked, but you they say you can surly try it out if you want to.
They originally tested the new Oreo Thins in the China market all last year and they said that the sales generated $40 million.
So, if you’re curious to try the new thins than you’re in luck because they hit the stores July 13th and if you have a cookie lover’s curiosity than the fact that the price is the same as the original Oreos won’t matter.

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