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Kanan’s Ride or Die

This episode opens with an introduction to Kanan’s baby mother, Jarita, (played by Tasha Smith). After Kanan and Jarita get it on, while Shawn is in the next room watching TV, Jarita proves herself to be the ultimate ride or die (and probably just as crazy as Kanan), when she hands him his stash of cash that she held on to while he did his 10-year bid.

Ghost’s Revelations

Meanwhile. Ghost tells Tasha that Pink Sneakers is dead, but he’s confused because someone else carried out the job. He knows that Rolla didn’t hire her, though.

He also reports the news to Tommy and Kanan, and they tell Ghost that they killed Q-Dubs. However, Ghost omits the fact that someone else killed Pink Sneakers.

Get It Poppin

Shawn and Lakeisha get it on, and we knew this was going to happen. It was a pretty chill session, but definitely more about lust than love. Lakeisha tells Tasha what happened the next day, and Tasha, although still trying to pretend that she and Jamie are good, is visibly annoyed.


Later on, Tasha finds the receipt from Ghost and Angela’s hotel stay in Miami, so she does some investigating and finds out that Ghost had been lying to her about no longer seeing Angela. Her way of handling the situation was to change the codes and have security deny Ghost access to their apartment.

Angela Is Officially Back On The Case

Meanwhile, Angela got put back on the Lobos task force because she was able to pinpoint Tommy as Ghost.

Later on, the real Ghost (Jamie) tells Angela that he and Tasha split up, and Angela realizes that he lied to her. Remember, Ghost gassed Angela and had her thinking that he told Tasha about their relationship and that he was really going to leave Tasha for her. We now realize that Angela is even more naïve than we thought.


Ghost and Kanan meet up to discuss the RSK territory, which Ghost delegates to the latter. But they both have an epiphany about each other. Kanan figures out that Tasha and Ghost split up, and Ghost gets a hunch that Kanan may be behind setting him up. This causes Ghost to seek out Tasha at their son’s school, despite her not wanting to see him, to tell her that he thinks Kanan is getting revenge because they sent him to jail. He tries to use this as a way to convince Tasha to let him come home, but she’s not having it.

Holly Has To Go

Ghost, who has long mistrusted Holly, meets up with her and tries to bribe her with cash to break up with Tommy and get the hell out of dodge. But because she’s Holly, she refuses, and eventually gets detained by Greg for interrogation, since the feds have made the connection between she and Tommy. Holly has to go, one way or the other, but by now, it may be too late to correct any damage that will inevitably be done.

Kanan Snake’ing Around Again

Kanan makes an impromptu stop by Tasha’s place with gifts. He then tells her that he “heard about the break up,” and that he used to think about her when he was the bing and offers his ahem, services. Tasha plays it cool until Kanan leaves. We then see that she doesn’t play around, and is definitely under estimated, after she pulls the piece she was holding, out of her pants. Baby girl was ready to shoot if necessary.

In Conclusion

The episode winds down with Kanan and Dre in a secluded spot. Kanan opens the trunk of his car and reveals a bloody Brock tied up and without his tongue. Ugh. Kanan then orders Dre to finish the job. Dre is in a tight spot, because Brock is his boy, but in the end, Dre complies.


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