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Mark Wahlberg Premiere Of Universal Pictures' 'Ted'

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**** OUT OF 5

Despite having a great following built up from years of his TV show “Family Guy,” no one expected Seth Mcfarlane’s 2012  gross-out comedy “Ted” to be a big hit.  Even McFarlane’s “Family Guy” studio Fox passed on the project. Well, Universal stepped in to release the comedy  about a boy’s teddy bear coming to life-and the rest is history.

 So, now we have “Ted 2.” The movie starts with Ted trying to start a family with his wife Tami-Lynn, and then transforms into courtroom battle on whether or not Ted is a “person” or “property.” It’s a comedy with a  human rights message. Although some of the comparisons to other civil rights struggles may be shocking  (Ted watching “Roots” and comparing himself to Kunta Kinte), the movie does have a good heart.  

Besides it’s message-the real good news is -“Ted 2” is consistently funny all the way through. Although, it is not for the faint at heart- the gross level is raised. I know, your saying what could be more gross than a prostitute pooping on the floor in the first one? How about Mark Wahlberg covered in semen?! Yes, that happens in “Ted 2.”  There’s also a very funny cameo  from Liam Neeson (in full “Taken” mode) and Morgan Freeman as Ted’s lawyer.  I won’t spoil any more – go see it on date night – it’s definitely not for kids.


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