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(Singsong voice) Good morning, good moooooorning. Here are my specially picked news stories just for you. Happy Hump Day!

1) WTF? White House Is Labeled “Nigga House” On Google Maps

If you haven’t heard already, Google has some serious ‘splainin to do. Searching the words “Nigga House” takes you the listing for the home of our nation’s president on Google Maps. I seriously can’t. I guess the real question in all of this is: who the hell was sitting around searching “nigga house” that discovered this? Read the story at the Daily News.

2) Make It Rain: L.A.’s Minimum Wage Will Now Be $15 By 2020

America’s second largest city has made a landmark move in the ongoing fight for the rights of minimum wage workers. The L.A. City Council has voted to boost the minimum wage to $15 within the next five years, with the first wage increase going up to $10.50 by July 2016. Read the story at L.A. Times.

3) Hide Your Wallets! FTC Slams Cancer Charities For Conning Donors Out Of Nearly $200 Mill

If you’ve made a donation to an American cancer fund sometime between 2008 and 2012, you may have been wasting your money. After years of extensive investigation from CNN, the Federal Trade Commission is now stating that four major cancer charities including the Cancer Fund of America have squandered $187 million dollars in donations on items unrelated to cancer victims like luxury cruises, gym memberships and dating site subscriptions. Read the story at CNN.

4) Lies, Lies & More Lies: Video Evidence Debunks Police Claims That Freddie Gray Was “Irate” During Arrest

Today, the Baltimore Sun published additional video from a neighbor’s smartphone depicting Freddie Gray being shackled on his feet by the six officers at the time of his arrest. The officers argued that Gray was angry and unruly, hence why they made the additional stop to shackle him but the video depicts Gray as being limp with his stomach on the ground and his legs hanging out of the back of the van. Read the story here at the Baltimore Sun.

5) Bitch You Guessed It: St. Louis Officer Who Killed VonDerrit Myers Cleared Of All Charges

Jason Flanery, the cop who murdered VonDerrit Myers in a shootout in St. Louis, is now free as a bird. The prosecutor’s office released a statement saying that Flanery had the right to self-defense because Myers was holding a weapon. The murder happened in October 2014, only two months after Michael Brown was fatally shot in the nearby town of Ferguson. Read the story at USA Today.

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