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Chad Coleman

Source: Isaac Brekken / Stringer / Getty

Actor Chad L. Coleman, who played Tyreese for two season before dying in season 5 on the hit series, “The Walking Dead” was riding on a NYC subway when he kind of lost his cool.
Coleman had a moment of raw emotions that turned into a rant after he heard some other passengers on the train saying, “No, we don’t know that N****r.

During his emotional ranting, Coleman was walking up and down the cart saying, “I wanna know where my humanitarians are! Yes, I am Chad L. Coleman. I am on ‘The Wire,’ ‘The Walking Dead,’ I’m not trying to f**k with you. I’m telling you the truth.”
Coleman even told the passengers to record him, give their vids to TMZ… Coleman said that his humanity rants were regarding Baltimore.
This ranting lasted almost two minutes before he sat down and started to calmly chat with another passenger on the train with him.
Maybe that other passenger found a way to bring him down and went with it, but the guy handled it well.

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