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On April 12th, in Strongsville, Ohio, the police was called out to the local Wal-Mart when it was discovered that someone had left their dog inside the car with the windows up.
The owner came out from inside the store not showing any remorse for leaving her dog without any air inside vehicle.
Since she showed no remorse, the officer decided not to write her a ticket in order to show her where she was wrong.
The officer instructed her to sit inside the car and the lady claimed she was fine, the officer says he saw that she was “visibly uncomfortable.”
That wasn’t the only attempt of an officer trying to show a dog owner why not to leave a dog locked inside a car.
In New Mexico, the pet owner left her dog in her car when the outside temp was 90 degrees that day. When the officer went to write her a ticket, she was laughing. She had no remorse that it was 114 degrees for her doggy inside her car with the windows up.
The officer had her sit inside the car like she had her dog inside the car and instead of admitting fault, she decided to make false claims against the officer.
Luckily his body cam proved her wrong, but what do you think… are the officers right for trying to show careless pet owners that what they are doing is abusive?
Look at the chart that was provided by the America Veterinary Medical Association and look what the temperature is like after ten minutes to an hour is inside of a locked car.

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