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The Heavy Weight Champ, Wladimir Klitschko will defend his three titles this Saturday against Bryant Jennings in New York City.
During his interview, Klitschko spoke about Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s latest comments about being better than two of Boxing’s legends….
Mayweather’s words, “He called himself The Greatest and I call myself TBE (The Best Ever).”

Even though Klitschko is close to reaching Joe Louis’ record for consecutive title defenses, Klitschko dislikes being compared to boxing’s all-time greats like Louis. He said, “I don’t want to compare myself with any of the great heavyweights because they’re still icons for me.”
With that said, Klitschko rightly takes offense to the comments that Mayweather made regarding Ali.
“I think probably, I heard this comment from Mayweather that he’s better than Ali or greater than Ali,” Klitschko said, “I think people call the king the king, not the king (who says) ‘I’m the king.’ So people make other somebody that he is or that he’s not. So that’s people’s opinions.”
Klitschko’s response to the question if he had problems with Mayweather being the face of boxing was, “We all represent the sport and I don’t want to put myself as cooler as the other guys. We have different characters in the (boxing) family.”
As far as who he believes the fans will pull for, he believes that due to that “boy-from-nextdoor” image, Pacquiao has the pull. Pacquiao’s technique is a lot different from Maywather’s, “safety-first, cautious style” of fighting.
Klitschko’s viewpoint from a business standpoint is a lot different from a personal standpoint…. he says, “Maybe his fights are not impressive as Pacquiao’s but they’re effective. So I think that from a boxing standpoint, I think a slight advantage is on Mayweather’s side because of his size and technical capabilities. So I’m going to (go) with 51-49 for Mayweather. On a boxing standpoint, we’re not talking about personal likeness.”
What do you think about Klitschko’s point… point his personal opinions aside and looking at it from a business standpoint?

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