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nicki minaj

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Nicki Minaj did an interview with “MTV First” and she spoke out regarding her lyrical self.
They asked her how she felt about pressure and Nicki responded with, “Umm I think I had more pressure doing my second album.
This time, I’m just, I’m,  I care less about acceptance and more about me being the lyrical ill bitch that I am.

Knowing that I am lyrically better than most of the male rappers out there. Yes, I’m gonna say it, I don’t get the credit that I deserve.
Men run the hip hop game let’s be honest, like they’re the program directors… they’re the ones, you know they want to be able to rap stuff and say it. They’re not going to recite a female, they just feel funny and it is what it is.
When I look at my versus and the word play, the metaphors…. I’ve put in my work lyrically.”