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Plies is trending after getting body slammed by a fan who still considers Plies to be one of his favorite rappers even after the altercation.

It all went down last night  while Plies was performing in Tallahassee Florida. Now the fan was already about to be escorted out the building for getting in to an altercation with some other concert goers earlier in the evening, but Plies called him from the stage and told security to let him stay. ALl good right??? Well I’m sure Plies thought it was all good too as the fan dapped him up several times and got a hug in. But it seemed that the daps and hugs weren’t enough because you can see the fan continue to get closer and closer to Plies, making the rapper understandably uncomfortable.  Plies told the fan “We too close” and made subtle calls for his security by saying “Color Money.”  The fan didn’t appreciate this, and he picked Plies up and body slammed him

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