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Studio Portrait of a Young Girl Wearing a Tiara and Dressed as a Princess

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Bruh… @JadeNovah is one of my new favorite people to follow on social media. I love musicals and plays so I can appreciate her appreciation for that theatre liiiiifestyle (in my Young Thug Voice).


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Broadway’s The Color Purple Welcomes Dreamgirl Jennifer Hudson!

“Wicked” The Musical… May Be A Movie… NEXT YEAR!!!

Her style is fit for a Broadway stage with an R&B twist to it and a couple drip-drops of comedy! Watch this funny video of hers called “The Princess & The Thug” below.

SIDENOTE: It kind of reminds me of a Hip-Hop version of Wicked’s “Popular.” Shout out to Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth ;-)

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