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Mo’Nique Compares Her Struggle To MLK’s Fight For Civil Rights


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As if we weren’t confused before, when Mo’Nique first revealed Lee Daniels told her she was “blackballed” in the industry, we’re even more unsure, now, who’s telling the truth.

According to Daniels, Mo made unreasonable demands on the set of “Precious.” And Mo’Nique simply thought she was being fair.

Gabourey Sidibe tweeted, “It’s sad to see a project like Precious, that was made with such love, be dragged through the mud by selfishness and lies,” we weren’t sure if she was talking about her “Precious” co-star Mo’Nique or “Precious” director Lee Daniels.

Mo is still denying she did anything out of the ordinary. In a new interview with The Wrap, she compares her “blackballed” struggle to MLK’s fight for civil rights.

“We’re not asking for any more, but we’re not asking for any less. We’re just asking for what’s fair,” she said “When you hear my sisters Gwyneth Paltrow and Patricia Arquette who happen to be white women, and they say, ‘Can we have wage equality in Hollywood?’ Well, if there are white women saying that, what do you think we’re getting?”

She makes a good point…then things went left.

“So, it makes us smile to the universe when we hear, ‘[My business partner/manager] is overly aggressive,’ because we’re asking for fair. That’s the same thing some people said about Dr. Martin Luther King. He was ‘overly aggressive’ because he was simply asking to be treated fairly. Some people said the same thing about Muhammad Ali because he said, ‘I will not go fight in the war when those people have done nothing to me.’ Now, by no means am I comparing myself to those amazing people.”

OK? Oddly, Mo’Nique nor Lee Daniels have picked up the phone to call one another.

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