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Meagan Good is having the best year ever.  The gorgeous actress is winning in all areas; in addition to starring in 2012’s hit rom-com Think Like A Man, Meagan married movie exec DeVon Franklin, and is helming the new NBC  sudser, “Deception.”  Meagan plays Detective Joanna Locasto, who goes undercover to investigate the death of her childhood friend, naughty socialite Vivian Bowers (Bree Williamson).   Complicating matters is her on again, off again relationship with her handler, sexy FBI agent Will Moreno (Laz Alonso).

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The Urban Daily has rounded up five interesting facts you should know about prime time’s newest leading lady.

5.) She’s found her inner Rock Girl

Not content to rest on her acting laurels, Meagan (along with her sister La’Myia) formed an all girl group called H.E.L.L.O Girls back in 2010.  The edgy-looking quartet debuted their single “Beep Beep” on  106 & Park this past July, recruiting “The Game” star Pooch Hall as their featured man candy.

H.E.L.L.O. Girls  “Beep Beep”

4.) She’d love to play Pam Grier in a biopic

Meagan has expressed interest in playing the iconic blaxploitation action star. “I always thought that [Grier] was beautiful and talented and paved the way for so many of us,” she told ” Even in Jackie Brown, I just love that she was a bit older and still had all that sexiness and all that class, more so than any actress in their 20’s.  You just can’t compete with that- all that swag and awareness of herself.”

3.) Meagan is using her past experiences to mentor a new  generation of  younger women

To the outside world, Meagan may be living the perfect life—beautiful, successful with and recently married to her Prince Charming.  But Meagan’s teenage years were less than idyllic. By the time she was 14 years old Meagan was providing for her family (including a brother with special needs)  financially. That combined with a series of failed relationships (she lost her virginity at 19) can  prove to be a dangerous mix of insecurity and depression. But Meagan says through it all, her faith in God has kept her grounded.  When speaking to a group of young girls this past April, Meagan advised them against considering suicide.  “What you’re supposed to do in the world, nobody else can do,” she told them. “So, now you’re gone. So now it’s not gonna get done, and what you didn’t do is going to affect so many other people’s lives.”

Meagan Good and Brely Evans Speak To Fearless Girls Club

2. Meagan is calling the shots behind the camera

As any black actress knows, scripts  for leading roles are few and far between, so the best bet is to create your own opportunities. In 2010 Meagan started her own production company, Freedom Bridge Entertainment which released  two films;  “Video Girl” in which Meagan plays a young woman caught in the darker side of the video music industry and  “Miles From Home”  which explored teen homelessness and prostitution. Meagan has also thrown her hat in the directing ring with R&B newbie Dijon Talton’s “Wild Out” video.

1.) Meagan’s family tree reads like The United Nations

You can credit Meagan’s stunning looks to her international family tree .  In an interview with Kam Williams Meagan broke down her genealogy.  “My grandmother was Jewish and African, so I guess that would be considered Creole. My mother’s father was Cherokee and something else. My dad’s mother’s Puerto Rican and black, and his father was from Barbados.”

“Deception” series premiere airs on NBC, Monday January 7 10P.M. EST

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