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Last Saturday, family and friends gathered at the New Hope Ministries church to celebrate the life of Vanessa Collier who passed away from unconfirmed circumstances. (It is reported, she killed herself while other reports claim she was cleaning her gun when it went off.)

Collier’s funeral was underway when Pastor Ray Chavez abruptly stopped the service after noticing pictures of Collier with her girlfriend, Christina and their two daughters were displayed.

Chavez reportedly said there could be no pictures of Collier with her girlfriend and no indication that Vanessa was gay at the service. Mourners were flabbergasted at the Pastor’s behavior and moved the photos, flowers and eventually Collier’s body to a mortuary across the street. According to friends in attendance, the church had plenty of time to stop the funeral before it started if they didn’t agree with her lifestyle.

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Supporters protested outside of New Hope Ministries on Tuesday demanding an apology from the church. The family still has not been reimbursed for having to move their services at the last minute. The New Hope Ministries hasn’t released a statement on the issue.

We’ve been hearing a few stories about this lately. One pastor in Houston refused to bury a woman because she didn’t pay her tithesYou must have an old ice box for a heart to literally stop a person’s funeral because you don’t agree with the way they lived their life. That couldn’t possibly be the way any God would want someone to behave.

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