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Adidas has launched a new ad that dispels notions regarding superstars. The ad features Pharrell, Rita Ora, David Beckham and Damian Lillard as they join forces to explain what they are not.

“If you think a superstar is standing on stage, filling up stadiums and selling out concert halls, if you think a superstar is being spoken about, staying relevant, if you think a superstar is people only having to use your first name and knowing who you are, if you think a superstar is keeping fans happy…then I am not a superstar,” the stars join in to say.


Adidas has said that the clip is meant to question today’s definition of a superstar as it celebrates its Superstar shoe.

“When the Superstar shoe was first launched by adidas back in 1969, the word ‘Superstar’ was unambiguous,” the company says in the description of the video on YouTube. “Today, the word has been corrupted to the point of confusion. This year adidas Originals sets out to question what it means to be a superstar.”

What does being a superstar mean to you?

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