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According to ESPN, Jacksonville Jags’ starting Cornerback, Dwayne Gratz was arrested early Sunday morning on two misdemeanor charges of disorderly intoxication and trespassing in Miami, FL.
Gratz who was the 3rd round draft pick in 2013 had been the starter a few games already this season when he was arrested.
The story says that Gratz went into the store to purchase a few items, but it was later said that he had no cash. The no cash part did not stop him, Gratz than tried paying for his items in bubble gum.
Yes, like the commercial, he tried paying in gum.
The store clerk wasn’t having it and he called the police. With bloodshot eyes and smelling like alcohol, Gratz was warned and asked to leave the store.
In his state of mind, Gratz wasn’t complying with the request and later arrested after he protested to leave the store.
He made bail and was released Monday. All this resulted in Gratz missing Monday’s team practice.
Head Coach Gus Bradley commented on the situation and said that “He had an unfortunate situation over the weekend. It’s not good, what took place, but it is a matter that we have to investigate even more. I want to talk to him and then we’ll handle it within.”
According to Gratz’s twitter page, he posted last Friday that he was heading to Miami for the first time…

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