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On Wednesday, the Federal Officials have said that they will begin temperature screenings of all the passengers who are arriving from the hardest hit countries of the Ebola epidemic. There will be 5 American International Airports who will be doing the screening, but the first to start the screening will be New York’s Kennedy International airport. NY’s International airport will begin screening their passengers this weekend and next week the Feds are starting the temperature screenings at four other airports- Washington Dulles International, Dulles International, Hartsfield-Jackson International and Newark Liberty International airports.
The screenings are for the people who are arriving from these countries- Liberia, Sierra Leone, West Africa and Guinea.
On Monday, President Obama said, “We’re also going to be working on protocols to do additional passenger screen, both at the source and here in the United States.”
In an interview last week, Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, the director of the C.D.C., said that the results in numbers of temperature screenings could have “false positives” of the people who are sick with other illnesses instead of the people who are sick with the Ebola.
Dr. Frieden said, “There are a lot of downsides. You slow travel, you end up costing people money. Who’s going to get screened? Who’s going to train them? If you have a positive, where are you going to bring them to?”

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