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Im not happy to see all the stories about domestic violence specially in the NFL. I The Chile grew up in a home that went thru it all the excuses that you hear oh I was drunk and stuff like that I’ve heard them all. I have no tolerance for violence against females specially against kids. So when I see a report that tries to make excuses for why the abuse is happening it bothers me a lot. I wish that people would stop making excuse for people and just call it what it is ABUSE. My mom fought me never to lay a hand on a female or anyone she said i have to treat everyone the way I want to be treated.She told me to just walk away and she did a good job at raising a man. All the athletes that are in the headlines for abuse right now have been like this since they were growing up someone looked the other way because of their talents so they get away with it once they do it again and again because people only care for you when you can do stuff for them. They want to be your friend because of your talents and thats whats happening right now in the NFL. Its time for us to stop making excuses and find a solution it doesn’t matter if they are celebs or not the justice system needs to do their job and protect the victims instead of the abusers.