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The NFL is up to it again. They have set a ban on New Orleans’ popular

spice and hot sauce ‘Slap Ya Mama’. The Slap Ya Mama ads are used

during the preseason as “virtual signage”. The signage is usually

superimposed onto the field when the Saints are about to make a

touchdown, when they are in the red-zone. The NFL league has pulled

the advertisement “in light of domestic violence issues” in the

league.Also, some views are calling the “virtual signage” as invasive. The

owners of the hot sauce/spice say that their mother runs the company

and approved of the name of the spice.

The Saints are also set to play against the Ravens on Aug. 28 in New

Orleans for their final preseason game. The Ravens running back Ray

Rice and his fiancee were both arrested in Atlantic City in February

for an altercation.