State Rep. Harold V. Dutton, Jr. (D- Houston), joined by more than 200 churches, 25 Civic

Clubs and many elected officials, including County Commissioner El Franco Lee, will host the

“Northside Voter’ Registration Rally on August 23, 2014 at the Finnigan Park, located at 4900

Providence in Houston’s Historic 5th Ward from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. Former Heavyweight

Boxing Champion George Foreman is the Honorary General Chairman and the Chairmen of the

Republican and Democratic Parties have been invited to be Voter’ Rally Co-Chairs.

Currently more than 900,000 citizens of Harris County are eligible but unregistered to vote. The

two largest groups of unregistered voters are those persons between the ages of 18 and 3 5 and

those ex-felons who have completed their sentence. These two groups have been absent from the

democratic process and this Rally is specifically targeting the registration of both groups. Prior to

the Rally, Harris County Tax Assessor Mike Sullivan’s office joined in this effort by deputizing

several community activists as voter registrars whose primary mission is to get Harris County

voters registered for the election in November, 2014.

All candidates on the November ballot have been invited to join as hosts. Additionally, several

local celebrities including Bun B and OG Ron C are expected to attend.

Rep. Dutton stated: “the greatest danger to our democracy is the declining participation by the

trustees of our democracy-the voters. However, eligibility to vote begins with registering to

vote and this Voter’ Rally begins the democratic process for those who have largely been absent

from the voting booth-particularly for ages 18 to 35 and ex-felons who have completed their


Rep. Dutton also stated: “the Texas Legislature in 1997 passed HB -1001 granting the right of

every ex-felon whose sentence has been completed to regain the right to vote. Most

unfortunately, after seventeen years, too few ex-felons even know this right exists.”

See you at Finnigan Park on August 23. Everyone is invited

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