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Chicago police have finally arrested someone in connection with the shooting death of 11-year-old Shamiya Adams.

Shamiya was at a sleepover at her friend’s home earlier this month when she was struck by a stray bullet from gang fight and died. It’s taken authorities about a week, but the New York Daily News reports that cops have tracked down a suspect.

Tevin Lee, 18, was looking to fire off his gun during a dispute between two 14-year-old boys. Supposedly, one of the boys was beaten by a group of his rivals. When word got back to Tevin that his friend’s brother had been jumped, he immediately went looking for revenge.

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According to ABC 7, the shooter thought he’d heard that a gang member was involved in the attack. Police said that he fired his weapon several times when he spotted his target; sadly, one of the shots went through an open window and struck Shamiya in the head.

“We have two 14-year-olds fighting, and someone introduces a gun into a fist fight, and we now have another child murder,” Superintendent Garry McCarthy stated.

Tevin has been taken into custody, and he’s been charged with one count of murder. He’s also facing charges for felony murder and aggravated discharge of a firearm. Authorities are fairly certain that Tevin is the shooter, but a gun has yet found. The case is still far from closed, however, as cops noted that there could be more arrests made.

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Shamiya is being laid to rest tomorrow, but her mother is still grieving the young woman’s untimely death.

“Every morning I wake up and I cry for at least three hours. I just can’t believe it,” Shaneetha Goodloe, Shamiya’s mother, told ABC 7.

There’s a good chance that some of the pain comes from some guilt she may be feeling as mother. Ordinarily very protective of her children, Shaneetha decided to go against her gut and let Shamiya attend the slumber party with seven of her friends.

“I never really let her hang with anybody but these girls because I know their mothers,” Shaneetha said. “For some reason I didn’t want her to go. But she begged me. I didn’t want to make her upset.”

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