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(HOUSTON) – You get a call from your bank. You’re overdrawn, but you know there should be money in your account.

It happened to NEWS 92 FM’s Carolyn Campbell, and what she learned just might help you.

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According to the bank, even though I still physically had my debit card, someone had gotten hold of my account information and was using it, without my pin or personal ID number.

So what’s next?

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According to banking fraud experts, the first thing to do is call your bank and report the problem.

Your debit card will probably be canceled, and replaced with a new one.

In the meantime, if you have automatic withdrawals, make alternate arrangements, for example, I had to notify the Harris County Toll Road Authority.

Be sure to sign up for banking alerts, and if your bank doesn’t report the crime, call police yourself.

At least one out of every five U.S. debit card holders have been hit by fraud, so check your account often to make sure thieves are not ripping you off.

Not sure yet if I was a victim of skimming or if my card had been hacked from some retailer’s account. The bank is investigating.

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