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(Above picture is how I look when I see bugs)

I don’t know about you but I’m guessing similar to me, you’re not fond of roaches. Now, since my move to Texas I have seen my fair share of bugs and have seen the BIGGEST, SCARIEST mamma jammas around town. But, you won’t believe how this one beast nearly ruined my life.

Before I get into though I want you to be educated on roach info:

Via– Roaches gather in warm, moist areas, they are not aquatic. Cockroaches are scavengers who consume any organic food source available to them. These insects normally are nocturnal and hide in crevices during the day. Cockroaches are capable of spreading human disease and triggering allergies and asthma.

Okay, so now you know that, I can tell you I did some further research and diagnosed the roach issue I have. I found what they call a SMOKEYBROWN roach no lie!

Coming home from the club Friday night, I noticed a big creature crawling on the wall near the fireplace. I quickly grabbed the broom still wearing my heels and dress -I went to swing at the bug and slipped and fell on the hardwood floor. I felt like I should probably have gone to the hospital, but my visiting sister was too busy laughing hysterically at me to offer advice. My butt hurts, I hope my butt bone isn’t broken. Ugh I need help. What do I do? It hurts when I drive, sit at work and ugh…I need help.

So, to all : The funny thing about roaches is that there’s NOTHING funny about roaches. Let me warn you to not do what I did. Do not attempt to kill a roach in your club attire. Have someone if you can keep their eye on it until you can put on some safer gear and then deal with it…Gosh

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