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I guess the time comes in every man’s life where he’s done fresstylin’ and playin cute and gets down to business. Now, we all know Rick Ross is a business man profiting from album sales, tour dates, and being part owner of Wingstop. But has Ross put a stop to being fat? Is he done playing games with his excess weight?

Was that too blunt? My bad..

Peep Rozay above dead lifting!  He has a trainer who put him in a “Cross Fit” routine and Rozay calls it “Ross Fit” hahaha!


Rick Ross has been slimming down since last year, and the rapper has dropped around 100 pounds with the help of Reebok’s CrossFit program and better eating habits.

So what spurred the big change of heart? In an interview with Tim Westwood in London last month, he said he just felt like he needed to do better when it came to his size.

“You know, I ain’t really keeping up on, you know, the amount, you know, of weight. I just, I just wanted to get in some better shape, you know what I’m saying,? Put myself in a better position. So I just, I still eat the way I want to eat, I just go to the gym. I do this s**t called, uh, CrossFit. I call it ‘RossFit.’ It’s called ‘RossFit’ now. 

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