I never make a “point” to watch MTV’s 16 and Pregnant but my wife loooooves the show and I always end up getting pulled in. For season 5 they have introduced Maddy a 16 year old basketball player from Tinley. Maddy was looking for a rebound after a breakup with her boyfriend so she went on Facebook and met Cody. After getting to “know one another” for an hour they had a one night stand which culminated in her getting pregnant.


Her single mom has always maintained one rule “if you get pregnant you have to move out.” Maddy has three other siblings one of which is her 3-month old half sister. Her mom does not want to have 7 people living in the house. So she has been given two options 1) go live with her dad who is an hour away or 2) live with Cody (the baby daddy) who she doesn’t even have a relationship with.

No matter how upset I would be if my 16 year old daughter came up pregnant from a one night stand, I doubt I could ever kick her out the house. What about you?


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